Your journey

Your journey

as unique as your pet's pawprint

Your photography experience begins with our first phone call, when we discover all about you and your precious fur-baby and what makes your connection with them unique.

1Ambitious Pet-expectations

Meet with us to describe the idiosyncrasies about your fur-baby that you want captured forever. Share their wonderful furry traits, what they mean to you and what you love and adore about them.

2Shoot Shine Day

The moment comes for your fur-baby to thrive, be itself, interact and bond with you so we can freeze your precious moments together, from behind the lens.

3Swoon & Showcase

Choose the photos you love the most, before deciding on the ideal photographic wall art heirloom to best showcase their uniqueness.

4Reveal Day

Like storks deliver babies, your photographic heirloom cargo is carefully delivered to our studio, ready to go home with you.